Graduation to Competition Squad

Welcome to the Fleetwood Makos Competitive Squad Journey!


Ascending to the Fleetwood Makos Competitive Squad is a prestigious milestone, marking a swimmer's transition from budding potential to the cusp of competitive excellence. This transition is a testament to a swimmer's hard work, skill, and unwavering commitment to the sport.

Exclusive Invitation: Entry into the Competitive Squad is a distinguished honor, extended by invitation based on a comprehensive evaluation of:

  • All-Around Excellence: Mastery and proficiency across all swimming disciplines.
  • Training Commitment: Consistent and dedicated participation in our demanding training schedules.
  • Competitive Spirit: Notable performance in competitions, demonstrating both experience and dedication to excelling under pressure.

Our dedicated coaching team meticulously observes the progress of swimmers in the Development Squad, identifying those ready to elevate their journey in the competitive realm.


Benefits of the Competitive Squad:

Swimmers who transition to the Competitive Squad will unlock a new realm of possibilities, including:

  • Enhanced Training: Access to a broader array of training sessions, designed to push limits and expand capabilities.
  • Technical and Endurance Mastery: A focused regimen aimed at refining techniques and boosting endurance, preparing swimmers for higher levels of competition.
  • Increased Competitive Opportunities: Greater exposure to local and regional competitions, setting the stage for more significant achievements and experience.
  • Time Trials and Test Sets: Regularly scheduled sessions that are crucial for gauging progress, setting goals, and fine-tuning strategies for improvement.

Joining the Competitive Squad is not just about swimming faster or longer; it's about embracing a journey of continual growth, challenge, and the pursuit of excellence. It's a path where each stroke, each turn, and each race builds towards the realization of your full potential.


We're thrilled to offer this pathway to our swimmers who are ready to take their skills, dedication, and passion for swimming to the next level. Here's to the journey ahead with the Fleetwood Makos Competitive Squad—where champions are forged, and dreams take flight!