Dive Into the Excitement of the Micro-League!

Welcome to the Micro-League, an exhilarating swimming competition designed specifically for our younger Fleetwood Makos swimmers, ages 9 through 12 and over. This league runs parallel to the North Lancs. League but focuses on our budding aquatic stars, offering a platform to showcase their talents and embrace the spirit of friendly competition.

Age Groups and Events: The Micro-League features single-age group categories: 9, 10, 11, and 12 & over, ensuring that every swimmer competes among peers of similar age and ability. Swimmers will participate in 50m events across all strokes, with a unique twist for our 9-year-olds and 10-year-old butterfly enthusiasts, who will take on 25m sprints, along with the relay teams, adding an extra dash of excitement.

Season and Structure: The action unfolds between March and May, with each gala contributing to our overall points tally. Based on these points and the division our teams fall into, we may find ourselves in a gripping promotion/relegation swim-off or vying for the top spot in the grand final during the early autumn. It's a chance to demonstrate teamwork, resilience, and Makos pride!

Fleetwood's Track Record: Our club has a proud history in the Micro-League, consistently competing in Division A. 

Get Involved: Participation in the Micro-League is a milestone for our young swimmers, offering a blend of fun, challenge, and community spirit. Team selections and time trial announcements will be posted on the club's notice board, so stay tuned and get ready to make a splash.

Support and Spirit: The Micro-League galas are not just about competition; they're a celebration of our club's spirit. These events are famously energetic and vibrant, and we encourage our Makos families to come out in force, cheer loudly, and contribute to the unforgettable atmosphere.

Join us in this aquatic adventure, where every stroke, every dive, and every cheer brings us closer as a club and propels our young swimmers toward greatness. Go Fleetwood Makos – let's make waves in the Micro-League!



Discover the Thrill of Our Inter-Club Competition at the North Lancs Swim League!

Join us for our dynamic inter-club competition, a thrilling series that spans from January to June, offering our Fleetwood Makos swimmers a stage to shine and compete with peers from across the region. This competition is an excellent opportunity for our swimmers to display their skills, teamwork, and Makos spirit across various age groups and challenges.

Age Group Brilliance: The competition is divided into distinct age categories: 12 and under, 14 and under, and Open, ensuring that swimmers compete in a fair and motivating environment. It's a chance for our young athletes to measure their progress, set personal bests, and strive for excellence in the pool.

Event Excitement: Swimmers will dive into 50m events, showcasing their prowess in every stroke. The highlight, however, is the cannon – a spectacular final race where teams of six (one male and one female from each age group) unleash their speed in a thrilling 25m sprint. It's a test of speed, coordination, and Makos teamwork!

League Layout: With five clubs in each league, our competition is structured to maximize engagement and excitement. Each club participates in four galas, including hosting one gala at home, providing a platform for our swimmers to experience both the camaraderie of home support and the challenge of away competitions. It's a fantastic way for our community to come together, supporting our swimmers as they push their limits and chase victory.

The Quest for Promotion: The spirit of competition is alive and well, with the overall points winners earning a coveted spot in the next division. It's not just about individual races but a collective effort, where every stroke and every cheer contributes to our club's journey up the ranks.

Join the Action: Whether you're a swimmer ready to take on the challenge or a supporter eager to cheer on our Makos, this competition is a cornerstone of our club's calendar. It embodies our commitment to excellence, teamwork, and the joy of swimming.

Be part of this exhilarating journey as our Fleetwood Makos make waves, break records, and build lifelong memories. Here's to a season of success, growth, and unbreakable team spirit. Dive in with us and experience the essence of competitive swimming! Go Makos!


Join the Excitement of the National Swimming Competition!

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Fleetwood Makos as we participate in the prestigious National swimming league, spanning three exhilarating rounds in October, November, and December. This event is a showcase of national talent, where our swimmers pit their skills against some of the best in the country across various age groups and disciplines.

Age Group Excellence: Catering to a wide range of talents, the competition is structured across four age groups: 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under, and Open. This organization ensures that our young swimmers compete in a supportive environment that challenges them to excel.

Event Diversity: The competition is designed to test the versatility and endurance of our swimmers. The 11 and under and 13 and under age groups, along with all relay teams, demonstrate their speed in 50m sprints. In contrast, the 15 and Open age groups tackle the more grueling 100m events. A special highlight is the Open Individual Medleys, a demanding 200m race that challenges the prowess and resilience of our most seasoned swimmers.

The Road to Championships: This competition is not just about individual rounds; it's a gateway to national recognition. The top clubs from across the country earn the opportunity to compete in the Championships held in April, traditionally at the renowned Ponds Forge in Sheffield. It's a chance for our Makos to shine on one of the biggest stages in British swimming.

Embrace the Challenge: Participation in this National competition is a testament to the dedication and skill of our swimmers and the supportive spirit of our club. It's an opportunity for our athletes to push their boundaries, set new personal bests, and contribute to our club's legacy on a national level.

Rally Behind Our Swimmers: We invite the Fleetwood Makos community to support our swimmers as they prepare for and compete in this prestigious event. It's a time for celebration, encouragement, and Makos pride as we unite in our quest for excellence and national acclaim.

Dive into the spirit of national competition with us, cheering on our Fleetwood Makos as they strive for greatness, break new records, and uphold the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Let's make waves together on this national stage!


Dive into the World of Individual Open Meets with Fleetwood Makos!

Embark on a journey of personal achievement and competitive spirit with Fleetwood Makos through the exciting world of Individual Open Meets. These meets offer a unique platform for our swimmers to showcase their individual prowess while proudly representing our club.

What are Open Meets? Open meets are competitive events where swimmers participate as individuals but under the banner of Fleetwood Makos. The term 'open' signifies that these meets are accessible to any swimmer registered with the ASA, regardless of their club affiliation, promoting a diverse and vibrant competitive environment.

Diverse Events for All: Open meets boast a wide array of events, catering to every swimmer's strengths and preferences. Whether it's the adrenaline rush of 50m sprints, the endurance test of distance events ranging from 200m to 1500m, or the balanced challenge of 100m, 200m, and 400m races, there's something for everyone. Age groups vary widely, offering opportunities for swimmers as young as 9 years to those in the open age category.

Levels of Competition: Open meets are categorized into four levels, each designed to meet the swimmers' needs at different stages of their competitive journey:

Level 1 Meets: Exclusively long course (50m) events, these meets are the pinnacle of open competition, allowing swimmers to aim for qualifying times for National, Regional, and County Championships.

Level 2 Meets: Focused on short course (25m) events, these meets provide a platform for swimmers to achieve times that will qualify them for high-level competitions in short course pools.

Level 3 Meets: Offering both long and short course events, Level 3 meets are geared towards helping athletes secure times for Regional and County Championships and qualify for higher-level meets.

Level 4 Meets: These entry-level events, suitable for pools 25m or larger, are perfect for those new to the competitive scene or looking to step out of their club's internal competitions. Success here can pave the way to Level 3 meets and beyond.

Embark on Your Competitive Journey: Whether you're a seasoned competitor aiming for national qualification or a newcomer eager to experience the thrill of open meets, there's a place for you in this dynamic spectrum of competitive swimming. Each stroke, each race, and each meet is a step forward in your personal and athletic development.

Join us in embracing the challenge, setting new personal bests, and celebrating individual achievements within the supportive framework of Fleetwood Makos. Let's dive into the world of open meets together, pushing boundaries, and making waves in the swimming community!