Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hi Everybody


I hope you enjoyed the Trophy Gala last weekend.  The number of competitors was certainly an advance on the past few years and the standard of swimming produced is improving year on year.


Hopefully your experience of this event has whetted your whistle regarding entering The FLEETWOOD FINS event on 15th/16th December.


This is the final part of this year's Club Championships.  It IS A LICENSED EVENT, which means that times achieved in this gala will show up in the ASA rankings and can be used for entry into Championship events (North Lancs, Lancashire's and Regionals) in2019 .


It also means that you need to be aged 9 or older on the 15th and that there will be disqualifications for competition infringements.


In terms of picking which events to enter I thought I would map out what I feel individual swimmers should be considering.   As we will have already had the presentation evening there will be no individual trophies awarded for individual events .  For this reason the position you achieve in the gala should not be the primary consideration of which events you pick. 


You should consider the following factors when picking events to enter


1.  For the younger swimmers who have not previously entered events this is an opportunity to get your feet on the first rung of the ladder.  pick 2 or 3 events each gala that you think you could do.  (Probably, mainly the 50 and 100s).  These will be best picked around your better strokes.


2.  If you have swam in some Open events previously it is worth checking on the ASA website to see where you have any 'gaps' again if these are in in your better strokes you should do these.  This information can be found here just put in your surname at


3.  For those very close to Lancashire times this gala is a last gasp try at these.  Be realistic and don't enter a 200 Fly if it is before the 100 back that you stand a chance at.  We have left this gala as late as possible to maximise the number of qualifiers for the Lancashire's.


4.  Those with qualifying times there is little point trying to improve these at this point.  Use this gala as a chance to add something new to your repertoire.  (Not many Open meets have 400 Free or 400 IM.  That is why we have put them in here.)


(Obviously Bolton is this weekend and many of you will want to pick events to 'complement' the times you achieve there.  It therefore makes sense to wait until next week to enter the Fins.  Dave and Diane are aware of this.)


Hope all this makes sense and thanks for reading.





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