Sheffield 2019 - March Madness Results

Dear All

I hope you have all recovered from a hectic weekend across the border.

Firstly, a massive thank you to Denise for her help on the poolside. I think Denise could do it single handed now. :-)

Really well done to all swimmers who took part. There isn't many sports where competitors of any level can take part in an event at the premier sporting arena in the country. How many young footballers can play at Wembley or Tennis players at centre court at Wimbledon. Ponds Forge is where Great Britain swim internationals, the National Championships are held there and also the Inter-County finals, so great experience for our young swimmers from Fleetwood.

The behaviour and enthusiasm of the Fleetwood swimmers was also fantastic. It was a pleasure to watch them all swim so well.

Click here for Fleetwood's results.

Click here for all of the March Madness results in full.

You can always check your progress on the website.



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