Competition Information

At present Fleetwood enters the following team competitions:

Micro-League of the North West: 

This competition runs alongside the North Lancs. League, but is aimed at the younger members of the swimming club. This competition has single age groups of 9, 10, 11, and 12 & over. All individual events are 50m except the 9 year olds, the 10-year-old butterfly and all relays, which are swum over 25m.

The galas take place between March and May following which, depending on the points total and which division your teams in, teams may be involved in a promotion/relegation ‘swim off’ or grand final in early autumn, to determine the Champion Team. Fleetwood are currently in Division A and have been in the division A grand final for last two years.

Look out on the notice board for team selections and time trials for Micro-league swimmers.

The Micro-League galas are usually well supported and exciting and SHOULD be very noisy, come on you Fleetwood swimmers!

North Lancs League (this also know still by most people as the Sub League):

This competition is run between January and June. Age groups are 12 and under, 14 and under and Open. All events are 50m apart from the final race – the cannon where six swimmers one male and one female from each age group swim 25m.

There are five clubs in each League, every club swims in four Galas, hosting one home gala, and then swimming in three other fixtures. The overall point’s winners are promoted to the next division.

Arena Swimming League (previously Speedo League):

This is a National competition swum over three rounds; usually held on dates in October, November and December. There are four age groups: 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under, and Open. The two younger age groups and all relays swim 50m, the older two age groups swim 100m events, the only exception is the Open Individual Medleys, which are swum over 200m. The top clubs throughout the country qualify for the Championships the following April, this is normally swum at Ponds Forge Sheffield.

Individual Open Meets

Individual Open Meets: Throughout the year there are a number of open meets.

Open meets are for swimmers to compete in as individuals but representing Fleetwood. The term ‘open’ does not denote the age group, but simply means there is no restriction as to who may enter, so long as they are registered with the ASA. You must be registered at Fleetwood as an ASA category 2 swimmer in order to enter these meets. If unsure about this, this can be checked with the Fleetwood membership officer or Fleetwood ASA registration Officer.

With Open meets there is considerable variety in events offered. For example some may be sprint meets (50m races) and some distance meets (200m to 1500m), but a programme of 100m, 200m and 400m events, with 50m for selected age groups, is the most usual format. Age groups may be anything from 9yrs to open age. All open meets now have the entry age as age on the last day of the competition.

You must submit times with your entries, which may be used to restrict the number of applicants if the event is over subscribed. At certain events the standards can be very high. These are entered and paid for on an individual basis.


There are three levels of qualifications:

Level 3

Open meets have upper limit qualifying times i.e. if you’ve swum faster than the stated time your entry will be rejected, and if you swim faster than the stated time on the day, you won’t get a medal you’ll get a ‘speeding ticket’ instead. Level 3 competitions are designed to encourage all swimmers to compete, and to stop swimmers of a higher ability winning absolutely every gala.

Level 2

These competitions have a lower qualifying time that the swimmer must achieve but there is also a higher cut off time, and the entry time must fall between the two times.

Level 1

High standards with qualifying times, which swimmers must have achieved, and at a Licensed Meet between set dates (usually 6 to 9 months prior to the competition closing date)

Competition information and Entry details are available from Fleetwood competition secretary, sent out via email or from the website on competitons entries page.

Payment is required with the entry and if you are unable to swim no refunds are payable. If a swimmer has any queries the Coach or Competition Secretary will discuss these on an individual basis.

If after entry has been submitted you cannot for some reason, attend the competition you must let either competition secretary or the coaches who will be attending the meet know. This has to be no later than an hour before the start of the morning/afternoon or evening session you were to swim in. This is so you can be withdrawn from the appropriate races but again there is no refund of entry fees. If you do not notify your withdrawal and you are not withdrawn from the races this will lead to the organisers imposing a fine against both the swimmer and the club.

Fleetwood Swimming Club swimmers will compete at the following licensed swimming meets:

North Lancs Level 3 (Usually Oct) held at Palatine Pool, Blackpool (25 Metre Pool). Swim times from club championships, time trials, micro league etc can be used to enter if they meet qualifying time limits.

North Lancs Level 2 or 3 (usually Jan/Feb) held at Palatine Pool, Blackpool (25 Metre Pool). Swim times from club championships, time trials, micro league etc or North Lancs Level 3 meet can be used to enter if they meet qualifying time limits

The Lancashire’s Level 2 (usually March) held at Manchester Aquatics (50 Metrepool). Only swim times from a licensed meet (Level 1, 2 or 3) usually between October to Feb each year can be used. So for this years Lancashire’s in March 09 the fastest times a swimmer can submit will be from licensed meets from 1st October 2008 to 17th February 2009.

North West Regional Youth, Girls 14 and over, Boys 15 and over (Usually May) held at either Liverpool or Manchester (50 metre pools).

Can only enter if have swim times within qualifying limits from a licensed swimming meet (Level 1, 2 or 3) between Oct and March.

North West Regional Age Group (usually June) held at Manchester Aquatics (50 metre pool). Again you can only enter if have swim times within qualifying limits from a licensed swimming meet (Level 1, 2 or 3) between Oct and April.

If you achieve a National Time from your swim at a licensed level 1, 2 or 3 meet. – National Age Groups (usually July) Sheffield Ponds Forge (50 metre pool). National Qualifying Times (NQT) are published each year by ASA.